Some of our food packs and baby items waiting for their new home.

Every week, Storehouse take referrals from community agencies, for food from our food bank and / or clothing, home, hygiene and baby items, to help folks with an immediate time restricted need. We all are never certain when a patch of hardship may hit – the loss of a job, a stop or change in benefits, a home situation which changes suddenly… any one of us can find ourselves in an unpredicted situation.

We have a team of volunteers that put together the food and baby/home packs.  Food packs provide three meals a day for seven days.  People can be referred for up to three weeks food, collecting one pack per week for up to three weeks.  Here are a few items waiting to be collected to go to their new and deserving homes this week:

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Love Tyneside – Summer 2012

What a phenomenal summer we’ve had!  Being based in Britain you may not be inclined to believe us when we say that, but really, all three of our Summer Love Tyneside outings in June, July and August saw us soaking up the sun and smell of burgers!

Out in the local community, we set up our BBQ, grilling and sharing food together.  Gardeners gardened, kids played, all smiled and enjoyed!  Just to share, we’ve posted some photos here for you to see:

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A baby, clothing, home, hygiene, food pack – all ready to go!

Sometimes, when we get a new home, our friends give us a helping hand.  This is what Storehouse was able to do, providing home goods, food and clothing.  On this occasion, there was more than just a new home to look forward to … a beautiful new baby was coming too!  We’re hoping he/she will keep up with health and fitness, starting out in the baby gym 🙂Image