Lights, Camera, Action …

Lights, camera, action …. a well known phrase used in the film industry, it’s the traditional cue to a film crew at the beginning of a take.  On the 8th March, Storehouse held a fashion show and live music night to raise funds for the project.  There were definitely lights and cameras, but in our case it was Action that came first.

In a society of fundraising organisations, charities appealing with big puppy eyes on TV, the guys that three step chase you in the street with a clip board for a good cause, and there’s always a friend of a friend donning trainers to run a race to take your £1 a mile sponsorship, it’s hard to mention fundraising without folks rolling their eyes. Coming up with an innovative idea to engage people with your cause in order to raise funds, is terrifyingly hard these days. We needed action to organise an event that not only raised funds, but was fun and brought people together!

Storehouse relies on donations to keep running; providing food, clothing, home, hygiene, baby and children’s items across the Tyneside area and to keep our community cafe and community projects running.  We believe community is essential! Coming together over a brew and a bite to eat and sharing life is so key to us as human beings.  Isolation is not necessary and in this day and age is not acceptable.

It was really simple for us to come up with the idea of a fashion show.  Sitting in a building, surrounded by clothing, donated by generous people, what better way to have fun and bring people together?

Everyone had an amazing evening and we raised over £1700! Thanks to SO MANY people in the preparation, execution and support of the event.  They say ‘actions speak louder than words’ and that a ‘picture paints a thousand words’, so here are some pictures …


The catwalk in action.


All outfits were in our ‘Look Book’ and up for auction.


The Easter Hamper donated by our wonderful volunteers for raffle.


All set up for our ‘Open Mic’


Volunteer team setting up.


Precision work.

We’re organising other events this year and want to reach more people and continue to build communities and change lives.  If you want to help, donate or support in any way, drop us a line – See

Love, StorehouseNE x



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