You may not know…

130,000 adults live in poverty in Newcastle

1 in 10 adults within Newcastle go hungry to feed a child every day

1 in 5 children in the UK go hungry… 1 in 3 children in Newcastle (16,700) are classed as living in poverty

… that Storehouse food was only set up 31/2 months ago.  In that time we have provided:

  • 52 food packs, containing 7 days food, 3 meals per day = 1096 meals, that’s over 3000 items of food!
  • 32 hygiene packs, containing all the essentials an individual needs
  • 16 baby packs, containing clothing, baby  gyms, baby baths, products, towels, blankets, toys & pre-packed hospital maternity bags, for Mum & baby
  • 5 clothing packs, each containing at least 4 full changes of clothing

… you can help!….by supporting Storehouse in any way you can – email to find out how!



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